• Effective Communication in a Pandemic

    With COVID cases continuing, it can be challenging to know how to provide effective communication and learning continuity.

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    Our commitment is to support you with tips, best practices, suggestions, and resources to help you successfully navigate these unprecedented and somewhat unpredictable times. Thank you for the work you are doing to keep your communities safe and your districts running. 

  • Best practices, tips, and educational resources 

    • [10 Communication Tips] Follow these ten communication best practices for sending notifications, directing stakeholders to your website, and leveraging all the teams at your disposal. 
    • [6 Website Tips] Follow these six tips to effectively communicate COVID-19 updates on your website. 
    • [Webinar Recording] Communicating COVID-19: A PR Panel Discussion for Messaging Best Practices *Sponsored by National School of Public Relations Association 
    • [Communication Guides] Special NSPRA COVID-19 Communications Guides, Checklists, and Resources. Sponsored by National School of Public Relations Association. 
    • [Blog Series] Communications insight featuring guidance from a variety of K-12 PR experts 
    • [Infographic] View 10 tips for making the transition to the digital classroom. Then get further details by watching a webinar recording on the same topic. 
    • [Convert Course Files Into Alternative Formats] Use our free File Transformer tool to convert your course files into alternative formats like audio, electronic braille, tagged PDFs, HTML, and more. This will help your content fit the needs, devices, and learning preferences of your students. 
    • [Blackboard Community Site] Join our Blackboard Community Site to learn about and share resources on how organizations manage and prepare for continuity of education and effective communication when a crisis, such as COVID-19 arises. 
    • [NSPRA Connect] NSPRA members can join the PR conversation in the NSPRA community forum. 
    • [K-12 PR Chat] Follow the hashtag #k12prchat on Twitter to join the public conversation and get additional tips from school PR leaders. 
    • [Images, Icon, Photos] Download free icons, photos, colors, and stock images related to hygiene, the virus, and pandemics that can help you add imagery to your communications about COVID-1

    Blackboard tools and resources 

    • [Blackboard Unite for K-12] This solution brings together our established digital learning platform and safe classroom-to-home communication tools to create a supported and secure online environment for continued learning. 
    • [Free Crisis Sites for Web Community Manager customers] All Web Community Manager customers can activate a free crisis subsite to share consolidated information about COVID-19 with their stakeholders. 
    • [Crisis Subsite Tutorial] This 20 minute tutorial will show you how to setup your Crisis Subsite, along with examples of how other districts are organizing and displaying their COVID-19 resources.
    • [Crisis Website Video] Watch this five minute video to learn why you need a crisis website, see how to turn it on, and discover what kind of content to publish.
    • [Free Training Series] This 30-minute webinar series is designed to help teachers setup online virtual classrooms and remote lessons with Blackboard Learn.
    • [Blackboard Learn tutorial] Discover how to best use Blackboard Learn to engage your learners remotely.
    • [FREE Virtual Classroom Tool] CourseSites provides a free ‘lite’ version of Blackboard’s Learn for teachers to provide a powerful online classroom environment. 

    Client COVID-19 Communication Examples 

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Last Modified on July 8, 2022