• Web Community Manager is the web solution your district and schools need.

    Use WCM to build an engaging website to effectively share and update district and school news.

  • Build K-12 Community Websites that Provide Value

    Stand out to your staff, community and families with a website built using Blackboard's Web Community Manager (WCM).
     WCM allows parents to play an active role in their child’s success and gives community members the chance to engage with the district on a modern, mobile-friendly website.

    Your Blackboard trainers are on hand to ensure your team has the information and directions they need to enter and create content. From website administrators, to school communicators and staff who update classroom pages, your team can easily adjust and edit their page content as needed with the WCM tool.


  • Use Blackboard to...

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    Inform Your K-12 Community 

    Strengthen your web presence to engage your K-12 community with easy-to-use web tools optimized for mobile viewing. Edit content, upload photos and communicate with your district audiences with few complications and little effort. 

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    Distinguish Your Brand 

    Highlight your district's brand through sharing its unique story. Use stunning, award-winning website designs to communicate your schools' values, achievements and goals.

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    Connect Effectively on Mobile Devices

    Optimize your community's viewing experience across all devices. Blackboard's responsive and accessible designs give your audience access to all the information they seek whether they are using a laptop, tablet or phone. 

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    Get Your Message out Quickly 

    Share the messages your community needs to hear, right when they need to hear it. We make it easy for you to update, publish and share content to all sites with a click of a button.


    A person is sitting at a laptop. They are holding a tablet. The screen shows security.Fewer Headaches and Better Value
    We build safe and reliable websites to meet the evolving needs of your district. With regular security updates, consistent upgrades, student data integration with third party systems, and 99.9% uptime, our solutions give you the peace of mind you can rely on.