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    The Access and Inclusivity your community deserves.

  • Accessible for Them. Accessible for You. 

    Integrate your accessibility efforts seamlessly with your full suite of digital community tools, removing one more set of login credentials for you to remember. Your site-wide content accessibility report will deliver deep insight into understanding and improving your content from an accessibility point of view. Track progress, highlight problem areas and identify initiatives to improve your accessibility.

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    Accessible Content Creation

    Ensure your website is ADA compliant and your content is accessible to every audience. An accessible online presence benefits schools, parents, community members, and students who need information. Better serve your community as a whole with content for all.

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    Accessibility Content Interaction

    Enhance a fully inclusive learning environment with accessible learning materials. Digital accessibility involves making learning content, web pages, videos, and information available to your students and community members with physical, visual, speech, auditory, neurological or cognitive disabilities. 

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    Make Your Web Content More Accessible

    Gain immediate insight into the accessibility of your website content with Blackboard Ally for WCM. Share results with your organization to determine the best path forward to creating a more inclusive web environment.

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    Offer Flexibility and Choice

    Provide viewers with a way to consume content that meets their unique needs. Visitors of all backgrounds frequent your website, so provide them with various ways to consume content, including user-friendly alternative formats such as epub, electronic braille, audio, and more.

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    Gain Feedback for a More Inclusive Experience

    Acquire the insight and guidance to fix common web accessibility issues. Receive tips for improving your digital content through our content feedback feature.

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    Track Common Web Accessibility Issues

    Review your Website Accessibility Report as it automatically checks your site content for potential accessibility issues. Report results are based on our accessibility checklist and industry standards.

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