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    Discover more about our Leadership Team at Blackboard K-12.

  • Lee Blakemore

    Lee Blakemore

    President, K-12 Community Engagement

    As President of K-12 Community Engagement, Lee acts as a champion of Anthology’s K-12 customers. By leveraging the company’s broad portfolio of capabilities and market expertise, Lee and his team enable institutions and organizations of all types to solve their most complex challenges by putting learners and world-class technology solutions at the heart of everything they do.

  • Muru Arjunan

    Muru Arjunan

    Vice President, Product Development/SRE, K-12 Community Engagement

    As Vice President of Product Development/SRE, Muru is responsible for research and development, innovation, and SRE/DevOps. He and his team focus on delivering best-in-class cloud solutions for Blackboard's K-12 community engagement clients.

  • Scott Persky

    Scott Persky

    Vice President, Sales and Client Success

    As the head of the Sales and Client Success team, Scott is responsible for the overall revenue and client satisfaction of our clients. He has a passion for building diverse, high performing teams that deliver a world class client experience. Scott's background as a global business executive has ranged from sales, marketing, product, strategy and operations roles.

  • Dan Seeley

    Dan Seeley

    Vice President, Product Management

    In leading Product Management, Dan oversees the Community Engagement product line, including product strategy and roadmap. His team focuses on delivering innovative solutions that align with market needs. With extensive experience in information technology, Dan has worked in senior roles in education technology for over 15 years and has owned a web development firm.

  • Jeannine Richardson

    Jeannine Richardson

    Vice President, Solutions Engineering and Professional Services

    Jeannine leads Blackboard's K-12 Solutions Engineering and Professional Services. She has served as an elementary teacher, a school-based technology coordinator, and a district-level administrator supporting instructional technology adoption. Her current role supports districts in their efforts to increase student achievement through parental and community enablement in the learning process and using technology to support school/district priorities.

  • Dan Glovier

    Dan Glovier

    Vice President, Client Support

    Dan has approximately 19 years supporting the K12 education community. As Vice President, Client Support, he leverages his experience to advocate for client needs and ensure they are understood throughout the Community Engagement team. Dan started his career in K12 with Edline, where he helped build the company that became the core of Blackboard K-12. He has a passion for helping schools and districts connect with constituents in meaningful ways.

  • Stacey Dolan

    Stacey Dolan

    Director, Marketing K-12

    As Director, Marketing K-12, Stacey Dolan brings 14+ years of experience in marketing and account management leadership roles. Skilled in leading customer acquisition and retention strategies, Stacey drives Blackboard Community Engagement’s values and its vision to amplify interactions, deliver meaningful content and provide memorable experiences to K-12 school and district leaders.

  • Molly Richardson

    Molly Richardson

    Director, K-12 Renewal Sales and Operations

    Molly has been Team Blackboard for over 10 years. She leads the K-12 team responsible for ensuring customer license renewals are executed as required, and recently became involved in managing K-12 Operations. Molly's team supports K-12 clients continue and grow their partnership with Blackboard through our product and service licenses.